Tony Benn - "Dare to Be a Daniel" [2004]

Tony Benn feelingly recalls his years experiencing the agonies of adolescence and of school and the shadow of fascism and war with its disruption and family loss; and describes his emergence from the war as a keen socialist about to embark upon marriage and an unknown political future. This warm, affectionate and funny account reveals the childhood of a radical national political figure and shows how early influences have shaped the commitments and beliefs he holds today..

Edited by Ruth Winstone

Tony Benn - "Free Radical" [2003]

A collection of essays edited from Tony Benn's regular column for the 'Morning Star newspaper. The writings cover, Old Labour, New labour, September 11th. Foreign Affairs and Defence.

Edited by Ruth Winstone

Tony Benn Diaries - "Free at Last" [2002]

The latest in Tony Benn's diaries "Free at Last" was published on October 1st 2002. This remarkable volume covers the period 1990-2002, and includes the downfall of Thatcher, the Gulf War, the election of New Labour and the end of Tony Benn's parliamentary career, which spanned 50 years.

Edited by Ruth Winstone

Tony Benn - A Political Life [David Powell 2001]

This biography traces Tony Benn's extraordinary 50-year political career from the day he first entered the House of Commons in 1950. Benn has always been a controversial figure. Nonetheless many of the policies he championed, including some for which he was widely belittled, have since entered the statute books.

If history is a chronicle of ironies, there can have been little more ironic than when, following Benn's valedictory speech in the Commons in 2001, a Tory backbencher commended him to fellow MPs as Britain's "greatest living Parliamentarian." This updated paperback edition contains additional material, providing an insight into Benn's views on the recent French elections, the tragic events of September 11th and the escalating crisis in the Middle East.

The Benn Diaries [Abridged 1996]

Tony Benn's six volumes of diaries, covering the years 1940-1990, are a personal record of achievements, conflicts and dramatic events in political life. This is a single-volume abridgment.

Edited by Ruth Winstone

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